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Five Easy Ways to Boost Customer Retention

Five Easy Ways

Many banks have often focused far too much on customer acquisition instead of keeping the ones they have. With so little else to compete on and knowing that it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain the existing ones, executing customer-centric retention strategies is the best way to make your community bank stand […]

Proposed Legislation Requires Banks to Report Account Information to IRS


The banking industry is astir this week as proposed legislation from Capitol Hill gets closer to being passed. The legislation, part of President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan, would require banks to report personal and business account information to the IRS for accounts with inflows and outflows exceeding $600. In search of revenue, the Biden […]

How to Qualify for a Personal Loan

personal loan

Personal loans can be quite useful in a variety of different scenarios. From paying off high-interest debt to purchasing a new television, or anywhere in between, the need for extra capital can arise from time to time. Fortunately, personal loans are available from a variety of lenders with different terms and rewards based on your […]

7 Credit Union Misconceptions (and the Truth)

Common Misconceptions

You’ve probably heard a few misconceptions about credit unions. If you’ve never banked with one, you may not know realize what is true and what isn’t. In this article we will identify 7 misconceptions about credit unions, and clarify the real truth about credit unions. Credit Unions are owned by their members. Truth: Not necessarily, but […]