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Five Powerful Ways to Boost your Community Bank Brand

Innovative branding is critical if you want to stand out from the competition. Your community bank must create a comprehensive message for products or services, using names, logos, slogans, and other collateral. Branding messages must be distinct, targeting the right audience that will benefit most from your products or services. Below are five powerful ways to boost your community bank brand:

1.    Setup your Google Business Profile listing

Claiming your Google Business Profile that ties your local bank to the community is the best way to boost your brand. Update the profile with detailed information included correct address, phone number, business hours, pictures of your branch, and a description with relevant keywords such as “checking accounts” and “auto loans.” Encourage positive user reviews, along with online engagement.  This will help people in your community spot your bank, read reviews, and ultimately reach out for more information.

2.    Increase search engine optimized website content

Well-designed, optimized content on your website delivers a great user experience and provides a call to action that ties in with your services. Always use the font, color, and content representing your bank’s brand image. Use different media, including images and videos, to diversify content. Take some of your customers’ most asked questions or most voiced concerns and turn them into helpful content.  Try your best to keep your content local. For example, if your community bank is in Princeton, New Jersey, publish a blog post like, “How much home can I afford in Princeton, New Jersey,” to boost your bank’s local brand.

3.    Go local with the social media posts

Be creative with social media posts by going local. Along with promoting your bank and its services, highlight community events, local history, or other activities that can drive engagement among local members. Feature your employees or existing customers. It shows that your bank is both a great business and an employer in the community. When prospects see local people highlighted by the community bank, it piques interest in what your bank is all about.

4.    Invest in the community

As a community bank, you must consider serving your community beyond essential services.  Consider sponsoring or hosting a local event whenever possible to increase brand visibility. This is also a great way to land local press coverage, which improves your odds of being found online by a local audience. Offering a free course every month at your branch could be a great way to boost branding and connect with the local community. The business will come if your bank has a consistent presence across the community that’s friendly and recognizable.

5. Have a referral program

By enlisting your bank’s current customers to bring in new members, you can supercharge the already valuable phenomenon of word-of-mouth advertising.  This leads to brand awareness that builds trust and may lead to new customers. Ensure you have an extensive network of satisfied customers, an excellent customer service record, the capacity to handle many new customers, and an idea of what offer will excite your existing customer base to share.


Many local branding strategies are free to implement and can be easily accomplished. Setting up an optimized and localized website, giving your social media pages the same treatment, claiming your Google Business listing, responding to online reviews, and organizing community-based events and financial classes, can increase visibility and create a stronger bond between your brand and local audience. Lastly, consider doing a SWOT analysis for your bank branding, supported by competitor research.

Key Takeaways

  • Setup your Google Business Profile listing
  • Increase search engine optimized website content
  • Go local with the social media posts
  • Invest in the community
  • Have a referral program