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How Bundlefi Works

We leverage proprietary technology to find and deliver quality real-time leads actively searching for community financial institutions.

Our Process

1. We engage with active customers through targeted ads

Using our smart online tools, we find customers actively looking for community banks or credit unions. We identify what types of products they’re interested in and what financial institutions would fit best.


2. We put them through our verification process

We verify every lead through cascading ID validations and fraud detection before we send them to you.

3. We ask them clarifying questions

By asking a series of questions, we find out exactly what these customers are looking for, then use our proprietary algorithm to match them with the financial institution that best matches their needs.


4. We match you with potential customers that are right for you

You’ll get exclusive leads sent directly to your online application. Since you’ll receive them in real time, you can easily manage them. CRM integration is always available.

5. You get the right number of leads, at the right time

You can ask for daily, weekly, or monthly caps on you leads – whatever you need, we’ll deliver.


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