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How to Build a Digital Marketing Funnel in 5 Steps

Digital marketing offers countless benefits to community banks and credit unions to attract new customers. However, without understanding how a digital marketing funnel works, your marketing team won’t be able to create a roadmap to guide potential customers from their first interaction with the brand to becoming paying customers. Below are five steps to building an effective digital marketing funnel.

1.    Capture awareness by creating ads and content

Your first step is to get your brand in front of potential customers, build trust, and position yourself as the local authority. The best way to do so is by creating informational and trust-inducing ads and content that will lead the audience in the right direction to learn more about your financial products. Some of the online tools you can use to capture attention are videos, infographics, free reports, whitepapers, eBooks, and social media posts. Whatever you choose, start small, build, test, find what resonates with your target audience, and build more of the same.

2.    Build an enticing offer to generate interest

Create an offer that entices potential customers to learn more about your services. For example, offer an eBook titled “How to invest for beginners,” “The ultimate guide to home loans,” or a free one-on-one consultation with a representative from your branch.  The goal of your offer is to capture prospects’ interest by delivering something genuinely valuable.  Doing so will incentivize them to enter their contact information and subscribe to receive additional marketing. Make sure your content is valuable with industry-related stories to keep prospects interested.

3.    Set up a lead generation landing page

Your landing page is where your target audience will arrive when they first click on your ad. It’s meant to demonstrate your expertise and help visitors understand your financial products and services. Your landing page should have a clear description of the community you serve, your products, success stories, testimonials, relevant visuals, a form for people to enter their contact information, and a compelling call to action. For example, ‘download financial toolkits,’ ‘contact us today,’ or ‘book an appointment to learn about loan products.’

4.    Create your email sequence.

Your email sequence is a series of messages that’ll go out to people who sign up for your offer by submitting their contact details. If a prospect signed up for home loans, plan the message around home loans and mortgages to nurture prospects and move them towards the bottom of the funnel. At the same time, do not annoy your customers with constant irrelevant emails. Bank customers who are not engaged with relevant messaging are at risk of falling out of the funnel.

5.    Monitor the performance of digital marketing

Measuring your results is the only way to make sure your time and money invested in your digital marketing are working for you. Before implementing your digital marketing campaign, you must choose the correct KPIs to track, such as traffic, conversion, and revenue metrics. Use tools such as google analytics, google conversion code, social media tracking metrics, and others to track each conversion. Be proactive in making changes to improve performance based on data regularly. For example, consider testing different headlines in your ads, text in your social media posts, or call to action buttons on your landing page.


Building a digital marketing funnel for your business is fundamental to developing increasingly accurate actions and urging customers to move from one stage to another. Creating trustworthy and valuable content, offering it via the proper channels, and using a digital marketing funnel will nurture prospects, impacting your bottom line in a big, positive way.

Key Takeaways

  • Capture awareness by creating ads and content
  • Build an enticing offer to generate interest
  • Set up a lead generation landing page
  • Create your email sequence
  • Monitor the performance of digital marketing